Medical Dermatology

We treat skin, hair and nail diseases for our patients and their families. We provide compassionate, comprehensive dermatological care.  We listen to our patients and try to address their concerns.

Some of the most common skin conditions that we see are: acne, rosacea, moles and birthmarks, eczema, warts, pigmented lesions, melasma, vitiligo, rashes, scalp disorders, hair loss, nail problems, underarm sweating (

As part of our preventive care we perform comprehensive skin exams for our new patients and then once a year or more often depending on the individual case and previous history of skin cancer.

We also specialize in the surgical removal of skin cancers, atypical moles, cysts, fatty growths.  Acne surgery and acne cysts injections are also done  as needed.

When you would like to schedule an appointment for you or one of your family members please call:  (919) 367-3625.

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