Welcome to New Age Dermatology!

During inclement weather, please call the office ahead of your appointment to make sure we are open.  If no one picks up the phone, we are not in the office because of the weather and your appointment will be rescheduled.  

February 24, 2015.  9:30 pm.  Inclement Weather Message for WEDNESDAY February 25th.  Due to the black ice warning that is active until NOON on Wednesday, Feb 25th, the office is DELAYED on Wednesday until NOON.  If you have an appointment before NOON, your appointment will be rescheduled.  If your appointment is after noon, please check the website for updates before heading to your appointment.  

February 18, 2015.  7:35 pm.  Inclement Weather Message for THURSDAY February 19th.  Due to the black ice warning that is active until 9 am tomorrow, the office is DELAYED tomorrow (Thursday, February 19th) until 9:15 am.  If you have an appointment before 9:15 am, your appointment will be rescheduled. 

February 17, 2015.  8:05 pm. Inclement Weather Message for WEDNESDAY February 18th.  Due to the current and predicted inclement weather, the office is DELAYED tomorrow (Wednesday, February 18) until 10:45 am.  If you have an appointment before 10:45 am, your appointment. 

February 17, 2015.  8:40 am.  Inclement Weather Message.  Due to the current inclement weather, the office is CLOSED today (Tuesday, Feb 17th).

Feb 2015 Holiday Specials & Updates:

Get ready for love!  Purchase one of the following anti-aging products or services at 10% off.  Valid for all of February.

Not sure which to pick?  Ask our staff for details.  We’re here to help!

  • ANTI-AGING COSMECEUTICAL PRODUCTS: SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum; Tensage Intensive Serum 40, Tensage Radiance Eye Cream and Tensage Serum; NIA24 (Niacin-powered skin therapy); Topix (Replenix CF serum); SkinCeuticals (CE Ferulic Serum, Hydrating B5 gel, Phyto Plus and a range of sunscreens).
  • HAIR & EYELASHES: REVIVOGEN hair products are for hair growth and a natural hair loss solution.  Basically anti-aging for the hair. VIVISCAL are hair filler fibers (in dark brown, light brown, auburn colors).  An instant solution to thinning hair.  LATISSE is for the growth of your eyelashes to make them longer, thicker and darker.
  • CHEMICAL PEELS (Beta-lift or Vitalize Peel) helps decrease pore size, improve fine wrinkles, even out skin tone and make skin appear healthier and more youthful overall.  Good for oily or acne skin.
  • MICRODERMABRASION helps improve fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, uneven skin tone, superficial scarring.
  • GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for all cosmetic services.  The perfect gift!

Our Mission Statement:

New Age Dermatology Center prides itself in providing the highest quality of healthcare and professional service. By being committed to the most updated medical information, technology and treatment procedures we ensure that our patients have comprehensive medical, surgical and cosmetic care in a friendly environment.

Whether you are looking for younger, refreshed and/or radiant skin, our first priority is your medical safety. A complete skin exam is performed on every new patient to identify any skin cancers. After taking care of your medical concerns we will gladly address your cosmetic needs.

Dr. Chiritescu has the dedication, knowledge and experience to treat your skin and enhance its beauty.

Our medical staff is outstanding and is committed to the best patient care in a warm and friendly atmosphere.